Why Should You Develop a Mobile App?

Because of These Perks

A highly optimized and well-designed online store is a fundamental asset to the top e-commerce in Malaysia like Lazada and Shopee, yet there are still some retailers that limit their business growth potential by wondering if they should do it too. Fact is if you go around and ask most people, You may get confused as it might question your companies scalability to go for a Mobile app or not but the right IT Company in Malaysia knows what’s best and they have the right answer for you.

So, should they? Of course, they should! Here’s why.

In 2016, Google had stated that 38% of sales were made by mobile devices when the statistic for mobile users was around 58%. What did they do? They used their smartphones to track costs, deals promotions, post ratings, goods comparison including buying some products. While in Malaysia during that time, 35.3% of Malaysians make online purchases and as of April 2020, Malaysia’s online retail sales escalate by 28.9%.

Well, it can appear that the percentage of sales made by mobile devices is not that high. However, I need to remind you that consumers will at first go online using their smartphones to see the current deals before they go to the desktop. Hence, the reason why app development Malaysia plays the important role in this era of industry.

“Is a responsive website not a better alternative to a smartphone app?”

“Is an agile website not enough for e-commerce?”

Okay. To answer those questions, sure. Maybe that’s enough for some business owners, but not more than that.

Now I have one question for you. Will you stop at just being good or will you want to become the best among the rest? I reckon you to read more as we cover the perks of developing smartphone apps in this article.

#1: Takes devoted audience to you

Did you know that boosting just 7% of brand loyalty can increase the profits of lifetime customers by as much as 85%? According to Adobe, 67% of online shoppers prefer applications offered by their favorite companies or brands. Want people to download and install your app? Easy. Just offer them exclusive proposals or limited discounts for installing your application.

Load content quicker than websites 

Don’t ruin your business. It should be fast! Not more than 3 seconds. No one likes to wait, let alone for customers that had to deal with sluggish pages.

Load contents quicker on mobile apps

They will most likely approach other places that give them a better customer experience. The best mobile e-commerce apps do not need an internet connection to provide consumers with simple features, such as product comparisons or price tests, in contrast with websites that require a permanent internet link to update their content. Nevertheless, mobile apps ought to be fast too, because the same law is still applicable in this case. If you’re not fast, your app will be uninstalled.

Improved usability

The usability of mobile apps improved due to the lack of requirement for internet access. It helps apps to load heavy animations or high-definition photos that make the e-commerce app look sleek, new, and colorful. The software design helps developers to build unique and usable features with intuitive navigation. Not only that, you can get the opportunity to incorporate gamification. Gamification is a game-changer in software products due to its potential to generate more interactivity and user interaction.

Improved usability

Boost consumer participation

Mobile apps allow smartphone users to post links to their favorite pages or ask friends for their opinion on a new product or service through social networks. In reality, this marketing platform is one of the most successful and cheapest ways of advertising your goods. Any loyal customer who has your mobile app will instantly become a live advertisement for your online store on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Most people love exclusive items. Want to ensure your customer shares your link? No sweat. Just make a special deal for those who activated your software and they are more than happy to share it.

#2: Smartphone usage and the demand for mobile app e-commerce is rising

Now you can easily stay connected with your customer as mobile e-commerce has been growing. Do you want to buy some beauty products from Korea? Easy-peasy! Just sit back, relax, and make your order. So why don’t you start to create a mobile app now?

Market situation

According to Statista, the number of digital buyers worldwide in 2020 is around 2.05 billion and expected to increase to over 2.14 billion buyers. How’s the situation in Malaysia? Well, the percentage of digital consumers is at 83% of the population. That’s a lot, right?

Online market situation

Using apps over sites on smartphones

People spent 90% of their time using apps on their smartphones. It’s clear that mobile is winning. Not only that, but statistics also indicate that 79% of mobile users have one or more retail apps on their phones, and 10% of them have about six each.

#3: Allow developing an advanced market strategy

Online retailers may accurately track user engagement relative to websites and gain more comprehensive research. This allows business owners to tailor content more accurately. More sophisticated recommendations implemented, the conversion also increases.

Smartphone-based features

What makes mobile apps better than websites? Mobile apps require a range of opportunities for engagement and allow buyers the chance to use the built-in camera to show their friends what they ordered without leaving the site. How to improve user experience? The answer is voice recognition. It allows users to move through the menu or subscribe to newsletters.

Push notification: Rocketing conversion

Compared to standard SMS texts, push notifications that are used by much top mobile e-commerce are a much cheaper promotion channel. They remove the need for directories of phone numbers. Likewise, push notifications are also more effective than emails because they are still available to users unless they turn off the notifications. There is no spam folder for push notifications and it's impossible to miss.

Push ad notification

Dear e-commerce business owners, creating a smartphone app for e-commerce are necessary for this current situation. Having a responsive website is a must for the first stage but to win a considerable share, online retailers shall create an acceptable app to develop an advanced marketing plan. To draw more buyers and raise sales.

Wrap Up

2020 is about to end in just a few weeks, but it’s just the beginning of a new opportunity. Harvey Specter from the Famous Tv Series "Suits" once quoted, “you have a choice.” So now that you know the three perks of developing mobile apps for your business, the choice is now in your hand. Are you willing to take the chance and make a difference?