Top 10 Trends of Digital Transformation in 2020 While Covid-19 Strikes

As the world is battling with the pandemic sabotaging lives and industries to their extremes. This change in lifestyle is marking the beginning of the era of complete digital transformation to take over almost all the industries. IT companies in Malaysia have a huge opportunity to rise to their peak and lift up the world economy. There is a high demand for businesses to get into the digital world and intensify their online presence. But, what needs to be noted is the changing behavior of the market and consumer. As it said “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future” -John F. Kenned

If you don't want your business to fall out you need to transform your business crafts as per the changing world. Even though going digital with businesses is still a new thing, COVID-19 has brought an impactful transformation in the digital world that you need to follow.

Let's check out some of the biggest digital transformation trends in 2020:

5G Go Faster

Everyone wants fast network connectivity but this got intensified with the COVID impact. With people starting working from their home which is about to become a normal practice now the need for faster networks even at homes is very essential. With the call for video conferencing, online meetings, and even online classes the internet connectivity is of utmost importance. There are people who are working from suburbs and beyond, it is important to have good connectivity throughout to keep people well connected. Despite the coronavirus spread the process of implementing the 5G network is pacing up. In San Diego, a virtual lab was launched by Verizon to test 5G deployment across the place. Even in China Ericsson has started with its 5G deployment which is expected to get rolled out this year. Qualcomm in their most recent announcement stated 60% of the devices shipped this quarter were 5G. Over 380 operators from over 35 countries are investing in the launch of 5G. Even many mobile phones were rolled out that were designed to adapt to 5G connectivity. Even Apple is planning to launch its first 5G iPhone by 2021

WIFI 6- Coming Soon

The need for WIFI 6 predictions was done a year back to have super-fast connectivity at home. WIFI 6 is expected to give 3X faster download speed. The need for better and faster connectivity has made the FCC unanimously vote for the opening of a new band of spectrum to devices that can support WIFI 6. We still not sure how that will work and how much it will support. The first device with WIFI 6 is expected to arrive later this year or maybe next year.

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Analytic a Competitive Advantage

Businesses who were not into analytics this year are sure to fall out in the coming years. Big data and analytics are here not just to stay but to gain exponential growth. With the hit of COVID-19, this trend came as big sustenance. The use of data and analytics helped in contact tracing and take on the decision in the workplace. This year there has been a hike in the use of data and analytics in real-time to make crucial business and life-saving decisions. With such high-end usage, this trend is here to stay for long to support the business to continue. Big companies have already started utilizing this trend for their long run progress. It is expected to have heavy investment from businesses in various sectors to have a faster, smarter, and leaner organization process post COVID.

AI Machine Learning

With the ocean pool of data, we would need technologies to analyze it to make it useful. AI and machine learning are gaining its hike as more and more companies are using it to analyze the insights of the data. All companies irrespective of what they are dealing with need to manage and capture their data well. There has also been massive investment from many IT companies in Malaysia to infused AI into their technologies. Even big tech giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM are pouring in more and more to offer acceleration in Cloud.

Chipmakers like NVIDIA and Intel are building GPUs and CPUs to advance training and learning from data and provide target driven recommendations and accurate conversational AI. AI and ML will continue to stay with our efforts to keep people, schools, and workplaces safe

Block Chains- Necessary for Fight

By mid of this year, we have seen the rise of blockchain over cryptocurrency. The Department of Homeland security stated blockchain to be one of the most useful tools to fight against COVID-19 and rebuild the economy. The supply chain was largely disrupted during the MCO period which created a gap between demand and supply. Blockchain can be used to fix the supply chain damages by working on fast processing and verifications. This trait is enough to act as a catalyst for faster and smoother operation of businesses

RPA/IPA will see more growth

We have seen how important it is to carry on with the operations even when employees are not physically present. RPA and IPA help us achieve that smooth operation by automation. Even when the pandemic ends more and more companies will opt for automation to take up much of their load, no to cut down jobs but to reduce the mundane efforts. Many big industries are investing in software-driven automation to meet the cloud and expedite with AI. Companies are expected to see annual growth of 30% with RPA by 2026

Conversational AI

Just like many other job sectors, the customer service team was also hit hard, which highly impacted the business. If you are not able to answer and resolve the customer issues you are sure to lose out in the market. This can be well taken care of if you have AI bots programmed to answer your customer's queries with any physical presence. All you need is to make your customer experience more easy and comfortable. The introduction of conversational AI will help you from voice-controlled video collaboration to your personal assistant on your mobile phone to the chatbot guiding you with online shopping. Just like this global emergency where none of us were prepared to cope with the customer demand and bandwidth, the use of conversational AI will prepare to handle such situations in the future

Connected PCs

With the trend of working from home the need to stay connected at all times has become very crucial. As we need to stay united and so our devices need to be connected. Qualcomm has worked with ARM to supply the ACPC chip to help the shortage and contributed ACPCs to students in the San Diego area. This drift will still need space and time to grow as more and more people discover their value. Many chipmakers are working on delivering continuous connectivity with LTE and 5G. This will prove really important to provide fast, battery friendly, always-connected laptops for people who can work from anywhere

Connected Vehicle, Drones, and Other Technologies

Driverless trucks and drone deliveries can technologically be possible now and are being slowly accepted in the marketplace. With the huge disruption caused in the supply chain, there is a need to adopt new technologies and solutions to bridge these gaps. Though connected cars have not proved its utility during the pandemic, many futuristic car companies are catching up with this technology. Mercedes recently went to a partnership with NVIDIA to install the NVIDIA computer is their cars by 2024.

Technology Adjacent Trend on Center Stage

In the last few months, the SaaS market has risen as companies are into investing in technologies needed to keep their employees connected. And since the work-from-home has been widely accepted and adapted well it is predicted this market will expand more in the coming years. 

Digital privacy is another top billing aspect with the emerging need to perform contact across the world. This has raised the concern of data privacy and protection, people are looking for proper security on their data. Many big companies are giving data security the topmost priority and are ready to invest hugely to safeguard it. Digital privacy will always be the top priority in the coming years until there is more comprehensive transparency.

Closing Down

Most of these trends will continue to stay and develop even post-pandemic. Here is a huge opportunity for IT company in Malaysia to work and explore these trends to provide complete solutions to the businesses. Push your limit and put on your best efforts to discover better ways to use and implement these trends to grow the businesses and reach the sky limits.

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