The Underrated Power of Having a Mobile App for Business

The trend has changed from having the mobile apps reserved for large corporations and businesses to small businesses are starting to get a gist of mobile apps advantages on their business these past two years. We can see that smaller companies are getting a much higher return on investment on mobile apps as they are able to capture the better way to serve clients on multiple digital platforms.

Humans are meant to socialize, no matter in the real world or in the digital universe. As we all know, mobile is definitely the new definition of social in the year 20-ish. And yet, we have seen people close deals and sales through mobile. Transactions are so much easier with mobile apps and payment gateways like PayPal and more. Well, being on social media like Twitter or Instagram might do for many businesses but as we grow to the next years, it's just not enough.

You need an app. “But sir, ain’t building an app expensive?”. Well, that kind of fear and worry is no longer valid when there are lots of IT company in Malaysia that offer cheap, affordable prices for building a basic app. 

It is actually simple to get it started, just figure out what you want your app to do and with the right planning, you can play your app right into existence. Here are tips on how to get you started:

  • Describe your objective and stick with it

  • The main routes towards producing a highly functional mobile app are customer engagement, service, and support, promotion as well as online sales

Finally clear with your vision? Now, what are you waiting for, just jump on the app bandwagon! But before that, you might want to look at this to hold you on the exciting journey. We serve you with 10 reasons you should have your business and app and exactly how it will bring your business up to the next level.

Stay visible before your clients' eyes all time

Malaysia’s mobile usage among the population has been rising rapidly from the previous years, Last year only Malaysian mobile subscriptions showed 125% of the total population. The fact that people nowadays spend most of their time in a day compared to PCs is undeniably great for business, only if you can adjust your marketing plan to match this evolution.

Malaysia smartphone usage

Imagine, your own app individually downloaded and appear on your audience mobile screen at all time matched with the push notification function, you are highly visible to your audience at its maximum potential. 

Market closer and directly

The best thing about having a mobile app for your business is that you have the ability to get to know more about your customers and from that, you can target your potential customers better and more accurately.

Aside from that, you are much more accessible to your customers hence, it is easier to tell them the updates of your products and services straight through the pit of their daily lives. It is a huge advantage for the fact that you are marketing more directly to your customers.

Provide more special values through the app

Remember when McDonald's gives out coupons in conjunction with events or celebrations on their new business app to all their customers that installed and logged into their account on the app? The code will only be given to those who have the app. It is so functional that almost all of their customers find liking it. This is how you can give more value to your customers. By that, they’ll likely spend on you even more.

Customers are highly interested in all of the good values any business can give them. If you can bring that advantage out from having an app, your business is surely one step ahead of your other friends in the field.

Mobile app provides value

Another one to make a perfect example is, those potential clients who have your app on their phones, whenever they walk by near any branch of your physical store locations, they get a notification inviting them to visit your store. You can also offer them promotions or a one-day special deal to capture their attention. Send a thank-you notification after they make a purchase. They’ll be very pleased, oh well, that’s a part of good customer service, isn’t it? 

Build a brand reputation and recognition

Instead of putting up a costly billboard, why don’t you construct a functional app? Not all people can see your billboard especially for those who travel less since billboards are usually held up alongside highway roads and in big cities. But apps, no matter where your customers are around the world, they still can see your brand easily on their phone. 

Mesmerize your clients and get them involved in your app regularly. This will help you build your brand recognition and the more they interact with your app, the higher the chance of closing deals and sales there. 

The sharing button that comes in the app can also help to spread the goods about your business if a customer likes it. Users can share your communications or products and services with their friends. That’s an easy advertisement trick, only if you are able to get your clients to like your product or services. 

Increase customer engagement

Exposure and customers’ engagement are always the number one goal for any business. Clients need to have a way of reaching the business that can solve their problems or sell a product that they are interested in. The problem is when you are unreachable by your potential clients, then, how can you help them with the products you have? 

Customers engagement via mobile application

Booking or order can be as simple as ABC yet securely can be done. If you can personally reply to all of their communications, then your customer engagement is doing good. The more your customers see and engage with you the higher the chance they’ll be loyal to you. 

Stand out from the crowd, make them choose you

Mobile apps set you apart and somehow give an impact on your positioning within the market. Now it’s the time to flip and use all the trump cards of having a mobile app for your business before your competitors get to the finishing lines first.  By the time that happens, half of the market may be swiped out from you and it’ll be hard for you to overcome the situation. 

Mobile apps uniqueness

Mobile apps are fast, easy, and simple to operate which is why a functional mobile app is much more favorable than a website. Just by a tap of a button here and there, your clients can reach you better and faster while having easy access to your products and services. How cool is that?! This can definitely drive customer engagement and loyalty to a whole new level.

Customer loyalty increases

If a customer likes and is satisfied with your product and services chances are, they come back to get more. How many customers come back to your office or store to make a second purchase? Customer loyalty can be developed when they often see your products or updates and that they are constantly reminded of your existence. Think about how girls always stop by Watsons or Guardians at the mall whenever they see one because they know Watsons and Guardian and they like what’s being sold there.

Already, there is too much advertising out there everywhere like roadside banners, billboards, newspaper ads, flyers coupons, emails, and social media marketing. But do you really want to continue advertising your brand in these crowded places? You might be drowned!

Customer loyalty increases by mobile

The risk of you being forgotten amidst all the noise is higher. So, what you can do is, take a deep breath, step back to see the bigger picture, and see how you can rethink your strategy. A mobile app just for you will definitely give space only for you and when the customers are closer to you, they are likely to come back to you every single time. Hence, be at their fingertips. 

Turn your app into a social platform 

It is proven that most people on social media just log into their account to interact and see what their friends are saying, that’s the main part of social platforms. Integrate this idea and other social features into a mobile app for your business. Build a strategy where people can actually see and talk about your brand and products while socializing with their friends.

Mobile apps as a interaction tool

Features like in-app messaging, comment sections, likes, and photo or video-sharing ability must be included. Enable logging in through Facebook. This will definitely increase customer engagement, repeated sales, monetization, and retention. It is an effective proven approach!

A mobile app is a complement to your website

The most common question comes from marketers when they are tied within a tight budget are “do we need an app if we have a functional website?”. Well, to answer that question, honestly websites and mobile apps are two entirely different elements. Websites might be the perfect place to attract new customers but mobile apps help them to stay. 

Usually among mobile users, once they have an app for a certain type of service there will be less possibility for them to look for the services from other websites or brands. Hence, why we say that mobile apps create customer loyalty. These are all because of the easiness, one-touch function, time-consuming, all one-stop benefit from the mobile app. Also, a business app helps customers to connect with customer service a lot effortlessly hence, two-way communication among the brand and audience is secured and extremely efficient.

Most people are on a mobile

Humans are mobile apps that are unbreakable these days. Why? Because we sleep with our mobile phones, we eat while streaming YouTube or Netflix through mobile phones, we shower accompanied by songs from Spotify on the phone, businesses are connected and done through phone calls, it is just so simple with mobile phones now. People cannot live without having their own mobile phones in this new era. 

Thus, do not limit your business presence to just a website. We don’t want the “buy and bye” phenomena to happen to our business any longer. Make them come back and stay with us. Nevertheless, you can also find yourself limiting your exposure by only having a mobile app for your business, the risk is high. With that being said, these platforms are complementing each other and are needed for businesses to grow successfully. 

Honestly, if you go to any IT company in Malaysia that offers business consultation, they would suggest you build an app for your business if you haven’t already because they know and already see how the pattern is going on in these upcoming years.