Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Development in Malaysia

Start In today’s world everyone is so much addicted to their mobiles, it is hard to imagine a single day without it. With the growing addiction to our mobile, our expectation towards it is also increasing. We want to have anything and everything within the palm of our hand on this mobile phone. Our lives have completely been transformed since the inception and rapid evolution of mobile phones. Starting from navigation, banking, entertainment, cabs, food all our needs are well-taken care by the apps in mobile phones.

The Mobile app development in Malaysia has also seen its huge demand as per the growing business and market need. The IT companies in Malaysia are now bustling on developing mobile-friendly apps for local businesses as well to meet customer expectations.

How is the growing demand for Mobile applications are influencing the business in Malaysia?

Considering the current COVID situation more and more businesses are shifting towards digital platforms and nothing could be better than a mobile app to connect directly with customers. The smartphone and its progressive features have made 96% of the country’s population stay engaged in their mobile phone. This has also led to an increase in internet users in Malaysia. With this little device in hand we can carry the entire world with us so why not? Though there are some adverse effects of overusing mobile phones their benefits are also innumerable that attracts us all.

Let's say you want some information or want to purchase something and as the company does not have a mobile app you need to connect to your computer to visit their site. Will you be willing to take that hassle? And there is a similar firm that has an app will you not switch to that to browse their brand? This is way simpler and customers are more comfortable with mobile apps so in order to sustain in the market and beat your competitors it is very much necessary to have a mobile app for your business. Mobile apps are helpful to business in many ways they help in targeting the right set of audiences, having proper customer engagements, customizing your offers, and promotions specific to the customer to keep them interested.

Advantages of Mobile Applications for your Business

Mobile app development in Malaysia is emerging as one of the best tools of online marketing which is way more beneficial than any other traditional way of marketing. These are the major benefits of having a mobile app for your business:

  • The most hassle-free way to engage customers.

  • This is highly efficient and reliable.

  • Using a mobile app is way faster and convenient for users.

  • This tool also provides an end to end data security.

  • Hassle-free payment options.

  • Some apps can also be operated offline.

Major Factors affecting mobile app development in Malaysia

The major aspect of app development is the cost incurred in the making of a full-fledged mobile app. Mobile app development cost depends on many factors and a business owner should understand these factors well. If you don't understand the costing division of mobile app development there is a high chance either to lose funds or lose major features of your app. To gain maximum from it one should be well aware of the factors influencing the mobile apps price.

Mobile apps facts 

Don’t panic! We are here to ease your way a bit by enlightening you with the potential information to understand the cost of app development in Malaysia.

Mobile Application Platforms

Mobile application platforms are one of the major deciding areas of app development cost and to gain customers. This is dependent on your customers, so one should do thorough research on their customers and the place where they are based to decide on the platform. There are majorly two types of platforms, Android app development platforms for android phone users, and iOS platforms for Apple phone users.

Android vs. ios

Depending on the majority of users of android or apple gadgets you may decide on your app development platforms. It is always better to have both as people in Malaysia are fond of both Android and iPhones. In such events, it is best to have a hybrid platform that supports both android and iOS apps.


The User Interface is the base of any web application and it is very much important to have a good user interface for your mobile app. A great mobile app needs to have the best user interface to deliver the most desired user experience to its customers. This factor does involve a lot of cost for the application development and it is also the best part where you should invest more to have a well-designed user interface. User experience is what will decide your customer to stay with you or quit. Providing a user-friendly and smooth interface is a way to please your customer to be with you. So, never compromise on this factor to make your mobile app as user friendly and clean as you can.

Mobile apps UX

Technologies Used

With the growing demand, a large number of technologies have been introduced to enhance mobile apps. The tech-savvy world is having several technologies that can be used for your app development depending on your business and customers. Technologies like Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality, Internet of things, etc are in high demand for mobile app developments. You and your app developer together need to decide which technologies will be best suited for your business and can earn you maximum benefits.

Additional Features and Third-Party APIs

APIs are an application program interface that allows users to access third-party platforms. You need to enhance your app depending on the needs with these kinds of integration that would make your app more flexible to use and promote. One such example is you may use the third party APIs of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for your app to promote your app and gain more customers. This is another high cost incurring factor of app development for the enhancement of your app.

App Location

The geographical location for which the app is being developed plays a major role in app development and its cost. The region, its people, and both geographical and cultural behavior are some of the major deciding areas on apps features. This can help you to know whether you are targeting the right set of audience or not or who else you need to reach to grow more. This also makes you well aware of your business competitors and their growth. In short, it helps you to study the market well for the place your business is built in.

Mobile app geo location

App Size

This is another important factor in app development. The more you want your app to be better you need to have more features and advanced technologies for it. This in turn might increase the size of your app. Customers never prefer apps with more size and space that consumes much of their mobile space. The app developer can work on it to build an improved app with an average app size that won't hurt the customer's phone space. But this development might hurt your pocket and there is no harm in spending on this important factor.

App Security

This again comes to be one of the crucial factors of app development. It is about maintaining the trust of your customers and giving them the highest importance. The mobile app should be built-in with high security to preserve the data and protect against any malware attacks and hacker activities. This is again one of the investment areas to spent more on to have high security for your app.

Ways to Minimise Mobile App Development Cost

As you have learned so many factors that determine mobile app development cost, there are also ways where you can keep a check on the cost incurred for the app development.

Proper Research

Before starting for an app development it is very much essential to do thorough research on the brand, market, and audiences. This will help you to have a better idea to make your developer understand what you want from your app and how you want it to be.


Ideation is a stage for entrepreneurs to plan their ideas to turn into vision. They can prepare a proper project plan with detailed documentation on how they want their business to operate and their outcomes. Proper planning and having a clear idea of what they want will help the business owners to save a lot on their investment funds.


The business owners need to list their resources and segment them as per their usage. Resources can be developers, technologies anything that will be used for your app development. Proper planning and integration of these can help you save a lot.

Minimal Viable Product

Minimal Viable Product is the most efficient tool for market strategy and approach. This might not directly help you in saving money but this will direct you to pick on the right things and assign to the right resources to get the best of it. In other words, these tools allow you to collect the maximum amount of verified learnings and training about the market and the customers.

Cost of Mobile App Development in Malaysia

As the demand for digital marketing is increasing in the world, local businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for mobile app development to reach out to larger audiences. This has been more crucial due to the current ongoing pandemic that is restricting people to carry on with the normal process of life. There are many IT companies in Malaysia that develop high-performance mobile apps. As you have seen there are many factors determining the cost different companies have different ways and factors that decide on the app development cost. On average mobile app development in Malaysia will cost you around USD 10,000 to USD 100,000 depending on your app demands.

App development cost

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