2020-21 Business Tips: Build a Mobile Apps and Here's Why

We all know transformation and up-gradation are the keys to sustain in the changing world. IT company in Malaysia are also evolving rapidly to get into the latest trends and technologies that can make the businesses operate in much smoother and faster ways

IT is the backbone of the economic growth of the country. With the prevailing pandemic situation, it has been proved how much IT is needed to maintain the continuity of the businesses

With the progression of smartphones, people have found their new world on mobile phones. On average, a person spends 5.4 hours a day on the mobile phone. Out of which 2-3 hours the spending is on installed apps. It is very clear that people are more comfortable to connect to any brand or business through mobile apps rather than website browsing. Around 82% of businesses that have shifted towards mobile apps have earned more revenues within a year.

This is a huge opportunity for the app development Malaysia companies to lift up businesses with outstanding mobile app solutions. Mobile app development has become a necessity for every business around the world regardless of the sectors. This is one of the best tools to keep your customers connected to your business

If you are still not sure, we will list you the major reasons and benefits of having a mobile app for a business and how a well-designed mobile app can influence the user experience.

Pivotal Reasons for Mobile App Development

A mobile app is a single tool that does the work of marketing, advertising, and customer service at one time. It can add exceptional value to your business by providing user satisfaction when designed in a proper functional way. Be it a conventional or cross-platform mobile app it is sure to increase the customer interaction level for your business.

Here are the major pointers to look at the advantages of a mobile app for a business.

Increased Brand Awareness

Having a mobile app for your business increases the visibility of your brand. With people more engaged with their mobile phones it is way easier to grab the attention of your target audiences. It is definitely a better way of marketing your brand keeping your business as close as at the fingertips of your customers

Mobile apps for business brand awareness

You may use these tips and tricks to raise your brand awareness by a mobile app. 

  • Posting new product or service launches and offering push notifications.

  • Announcing company events and activities, keeping your customer updated about your business

  • Listing promotions, offers, and prices.

  • Add business and product/service information making your customers know you better.

  • Introduce new launches, updates, and features

This will bring up every relevant information about your business to your customers

Better Business Engagement

The more your business mobile app is installed by your customers the higher are the chances of building a good relationship with them

Mobile apps engagement

This in turn will help in better customer engagement through customized options and features

  • Continuous visibility of your business to current and potential clients 24/7

  • Making it quick in action and easy to use for any booking or purchasing.

  • Easy and secure payment options and transactions

  • Customer service connectivity with chats and call any time options.

  • Allowing login access through social media accounts.

  • Options to add comments and reviews

You may customize features and content for your app depending on your business need and user experience in order to make it much more user-friendly

Direct Communication Options

Good connectivity and communications are very much important to keep your customers happy. Mobile apps help you connect to your customers directly and aids in quicker responses and resolutions.

Mobile apps live chat 

Add these features to assure better connections with your customers

  • Customers support service through messaging, call buttons.

  • Get the direction button for easy location tracking.

  • Complaints lodging.

  • Getting direct customer feedback

  • Customer suggestions if any.

  • Product or service reviews and recommendation.

  • FAQ Answers

All these will help your customer to connect and understand your brand better

Raising Sales and Revenue

The ultimate goal for every business is to get more sales and earn more revenues. Online shopping has become a major savior, especially during this pandemic. This trend is here to stay as people have found their comfort in shopping online. Around 42% of online shopping is done through mobile apps as they are easy and less time-consuming.

Malaysia smartphone usage 

Take advantage of this customer behavior and launch your business mobile app to get more sales. Features like advanced search, secured payment transactions, easy exchange or return policy, and reorder make the shopping experience better for your customers and help you to get more sales

Integrating other Marketing Platforms

It is good to add the mobile app to your other marketing campaigns and social media platforms to redirect potential customers to your business. Websites help in gaining new potential customers when they search for products and services related to your business whereas mobile apps help in increasing customer loyalty by secured transactions and direct communication options to have a good shopping experience

Promoting mobile app on facebook

You may promote your business mobile app on social media platforms by adding a download link from the app store. You may also promote new launches or new offers on other marketing channels to increase brand awareness by sending push-notifications for your business mobile app

Providing Value to Customers

Your app provides you the platform to collect required customer information in few steps through forms and surveys. Instead of collecting documents, you can easily get customers' information saving valuable time and efforts both from the business and customer end.

The app allows you to understand your customers well depending on their likes and actions which you can use to gift them some exclusive offers or reward points that make them feel valued

Tracking Customer Action

It is easy to track the activity of your app users through Google analytics. This would help you to know the fruitfulness of your mobile app.

  • Active users grouping depending on demographics (Location – Age – Gender – Operating System – Types of used devices) and preferences

  • Tracking daily, weekly, and monthly active users and understanding which point of the day or week you get maximum engagement.

  • Complete app installation to sales conversion rates.

  • Other marketing channels that are redirecting potential customers to your app

  • Total revenues and profit margin generated from the business app

Analyzing these stats better will help you to improve your business and the mobile app as per need


Businesses across the globe are trying their best to make a solid mark on the digital platform. IT company in Malaysia have a huge scope to grow themselves and also other businesses by providing complete solutions be it websites, apps to drive into the global market

Also, it is a challenge for the app development in Malaysia companies to make the mobile business experience better by implementing all the needed latest features and trends. Having a mobile app for your business will take you one step closer to your target customers. And, in this competitive market the more connected you are with your customers the higher will be the ROIs for your business. It's time to redefine and redesign your business with a mobile app for larger growth and expansion.